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  • Publicado : 30 de diciembre de 2011
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tudio maxGLASS MATERIAL: A 3D Studio Max Tutorial

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A 3D Studio Max Tutorial
by Jarek Dukat http://www.nautilus.com.pl/jarek To make a good glass you must know abouta few things. Not only the material is important, but also geometry of your object and lighting. Your object which will have glass material must have its thickness, without it no glass will looknatural. Usually you make glasses using one or more splines and lathe modifier. So when you prepare your splines make both sides of your object at once (look at picture below).

Ok, object is ready. Nowthe lighting. Almost in all scenes you use more than one light source, and also for good glass you need a few lights. I usually use one strong spot light and 2 or 3 darker spots as fill lights. Alsoyou can put one or more omni lights to make more speculars (glass material is highly specular). To do so go to omni properties and uncheck "Affect diffuse", leave only "Affect specular" on. Now usePlace highlight tool to position your omnis so they produce speculars on proper areas of your object. Pictures below shows how I put my lights.http://www.digitalanimators.com/HTM/Tutorials/jarekglass.htm


GLASS MATERIAL: A 3D Studio Max Tutorial

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And finally the material... Go to material editor and make material with parameters similar to those on picture below.Classifieds
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Research Center I prefer metal shading for glass material, but blinn shading may work ok too. 2-sided material produce much morerealistic glass so turn it on. Diffuse color should be rather dark, perfectly transparent glass should have black diffuse color, every change of this color will tint your glass. It is very important tokeep opacity of your material at 100%. The most important part of your glass material is refraction map - use standard in MAX 2 raytrace texture. You may experiment with it's parameters to improve...
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