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A simulated movie

The clash of the titans is a story in where we can see, Perseus the main character .who was born as a god and raised as a man by his fosterfamily. who was the unknown and immortal son of Zeus, he was the biggest enemy of Hedes, the vengeful god of the underworld. As well Perseus was the one who determinateto defeat Hedes before he could take the power of Zeus and destroy the humans.

This is a wonderful story that remains me of "Hercules” one of the grand classicmovies from Walt Disney. Since the movie “clash of the titans” contain many similar characters and almost the same story. Excluding that the movie did containamassing effects, such as the manifestation of Hedes in from of Cepheus (Vincent Regan) and his wife Cassiopeia (Polly Walker) kind and Queen of Argos.

Certainly themovie clash of the titans did incorporate some identical character and their physical qualities from the movie “Hercules”. Such as, Zeus (liam Neeson) who in the movieof Hercules as well had his hair and beard quite light and long, his body glow and the power and authority. Jointly IO (Gemma Arterton) Perseus beloved was areplication of Megana Hercules beloved. Who was a beautiful woman with long black hear who died and resurrects as a reward for the hero after he defeats Hedes. Also thestygian witches are similar to the Fates in Hercules that were tree underworld women with dreadful appearance, which did share one eye and that where able to predict thefuture. Least but not lest the winged horse that Perseus used to ride was an imitation of Pegasus Hercules company at all time and a creation of Zeus form a cloud.
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