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13-inch MacBook Air
Environmental Report
Apple and the Environment
Apple believes that improving the environmental performance of our business starts with our products. The careful environmental management of our products throughout their life cycles includes controlling the quantity and type of materials used in their manufacture, improving their energy efficiency, and designing them for betterrecyclability. The information below details the environmental performance of the 13-inch MacBook Air as it relates to climate change, energy efficiency, restricted substances, and material efficiency.
Model MC965, MC966 Date introduced July 20, 2011

Climate Change
Greenhouse gas emissions have an impact on the planet’s balance of land, ocean, and air temperatures. Most of Apple’s corporategreenhouse gas emissions come from the production, transport, use, and recycling of its products. Apple seeks to minimize greenhouse gas emissions by setting stringent design-related goals for material and energy efficiency. The chart below provides the estimated greenhouse gas emissions for 13-inch MacBook Air over its life cycle. Greenhouse Gas Emissions for 13-inch MacBook Air
Recycling, 1%Transport, 7%

13-inch MacBook Air is designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact: • Arsenic-free display glass • Brominated flame retardant–free • Highly recyclable aluminum enclosure • Mercury free LED display • PVC-free1 Meets ENERGY STAR® Version 5.2 requirements 13-inch MacBook Air achieved a Gold rating from EPEAT2
Customer use, 30%

Production, 62%

Total greenhousegas emissions: 320 kg CO2e

Energy Efficiency
Because one of the largest portions of product-related greenhouse gas emissions results from its use, energy efficiency is a key part of each product’s design. Apple products use powerefficient components and software that intelligently powers them down during periods of inactivity. The result is that the 13-inch MacBook Air is energy efficient right out ofthe box. The 13-inch MacBook Air outperforms the stringent requirements of the ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Computers Version 5.2. It has been designed to be even more efficient than previous models, consuming 17 percent less energy than the original MacBook Air. The following table details the power consumed in different use modes. Power Consumption for 13-inch MacBook Air
Mode Poweradapter, no-load Off Sleep Idle—Display off / on Power adapter efficiency 100V 0.007W 0.16W 0.93W 4.1W / 9.3W 87.6% 115V 0.009W 0.17W 0.95W 4.1W / 9.3W 88.1% 230V 0.029W 0.24W 0.91W 4.3W / 9.6W 87.7% 1

Material Efficiency

At only 9.6W in idle with the display on, 13-inch MacBook Air is extremely energy efficient. To put that in perspective, it takes about six 13-inch MacBook Air computers in idle withthe display on to equal the power consumed by a single household 60W lightbulb.

Apple’s ultra-compact product and packaging designs lead the industry in material efficiency. Reducing the material footprint of a product helps maximize shipping efficiency. It also helps reduce energy consumed during production and material waste generated at the end of the product’s life. Waste is further minimizedthrough the use of batteries that last up to three times longer than typical notebook batteries. The 13-inch MacBook Air enclosure is made of aluminum, a material highly desired by recyclers. The chart below details the materials used in this model. Material Use for 13-inch MacBook Air

Aluminum, 545g Solid state drive, 15g Plastics, 30g Other metals, 40g

Battery chemistry Lithium-ionpolymer, 50 Whr; free of lead, cadmium, and mercury

Keyboard and trackpad, 105g

Circuit boards, 115g Battery, 305g Display, 195g

Packaging The packaging for 13-inch MacBook Air uses corrugated cardboard made from over 30 percent recycled content and molded fiber made entirely from recycled content. In addition, the packaging is extremely material efficient, allowing at least 15 percent more units...
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