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  • Publicado : 1 de mayo de 2011
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As the world changes and technology speeds us up, we need to be prepared for a near future full of new forces that will drive change into everything we know right now. The changesthat will affect the world, will affect each one of us in different ways, depending on the task we are taking. In 2016 the way we buy and sell will be completely different, and retailers, manufacturedproducts, services and technologies will change.

As for the external forces driving changes we will see changes in economics, ecological trends, demographic, technologies and regulatory guidelines.• As for the economics, the gap between rich and poor countries will increase; making it harder for poor countries to keep up the paste at with rich countries will produce, consume and develop.This will also change the way countries shop and their economic strength; right now USA is the main buyer in the world and has the strongest economy too, but by 2016 China is expected to assume thisrole and increase its global spending to an 11%, compared to a 3.8% it spend in 2004. Consumers around the world are also expected to increase their demand for local and regional products, regardlessinternational product offers.
By 2016 there has been speculations that the middle class will disappear as well, increasing the gap between elites and the working class, bringing along differentcustomer needs and wants, and different ways of approaching them, forcing enterprises to create new methods and adjust.

• Ecological trends will also affect the way the world works right now. Since acouple of years ago, we have seen an increased interest in ecological matters, and by 2016 this would be a major concern in the way we produce and what we buy. Energy, fuel and electricity will bepeople’s major concern. Companies will be affected on both their direct and indirect costs, because raw materials will be more scared, the gas fuel needed to transport production will be more expensive,...
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