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The opinion of the people around the world about abortion is divided in three groups. The first group is the people who think abortion is safe and agree with the law passed by the UnitedStates Supreme Court to legalize abortion. The second group is the people who think abortion should be illegal. They also think that after it was legalized women became less caring and the number ofabortions has increased. And finally the third group is the people who are in the middle ground. Some of them think abortion is bad, but that in some circumstances it is justified. Noy Thrupkaew formspart of the first group and gave his opinion about abortion on his essay “Post-Abortion Emotional Problems Do Not Harm Women”.
Noy Thrupkaew is a “freelance journalist and senior correspondent forthe American Prospect” based in New York. Thrupkaew major in comparative literature and religious studies at Brown University. She likes to write about different topics like abortion, feminism,international affairs, popular culture and many more. Some of her work has appeared in well known outlets like The Nation, The Utne Reader, Kyoto Journal, and The American Prospect. Right now she is workingfor The Prospect and the feminist newspaper Sojourner: The Women's Forum. She used to live in Thailand and worked for Japan's largest English-language radio station (International Reporting Project).Thrupkaew chose to publish her essay in the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center by Gale Cengage Learning web site. This web site is really common so it is often visited by a diversity of people;different age, sex, or race. But most of all, it is visited by teenagers; high school or college students. This means that her audience is going to have a liberal point of views. First of all, becauseteenagers are in a stage where they are really interested or involved in sexual intercourse and pregnancy is one of their concerns. And second, because of the variety of people who visit this web site....
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