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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2012
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ABORTION: ¿Should girls have the right to abort?
In a biology study book, a dictionary, or an internet page, the term ‘abortion’ appears as the termination of pregnancy after conception or as theintentionally interruption of a pregnancy. For me, abortion it is just another way of killing, a type of murder, that is why I’m totally against this method and I think girls should not have the rightto abort.
Nowadays, the number of young people or teenagers having sexual relationships, is increasing more and more. It is very common to see a couple of teenagers of about 16 or 17 years old whohad already have sexual activity on several ocassions. This is also increasing the probability of pregnancy in young girls because of their lack of knowledge about the topic and how to be prevent. Inmy opinion, I think girls not only need to be well informed about this topic before taking such a huge step, but also they need to be conscious about what are they going to do. If a girl is enough oldand mature to do something like this with a guy, she must certainly also be enough mature to assume the consequences that this could bring her, for example a baby, or a sexual disease.
Many peopleconsider abortion something aproved, like if you don’t like something you can put an end with it in a very easily way. No, life it’s not like that. If you have some moral you’ll realize that youcannot decide about a person’s, you’re not the owner of no ones life, so you cannot decide when to end it up with it. First of all, with abortion, you’re not respecting two of the mains humans rights,which are the right to a life and the right to freedom. Any human has the possibility of this right, no matter who she or he is ot where is she from, and you must respect this if you want yours also tobe respected.
Nevertheless, I know that there are several cases, which a girl has been raped for example, that the situation can be quite difficult. Not only because many times girls are to young...
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