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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2012
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Don’t Support Abortion
Many women and young teenagers around the world have abortions. Women believe that there are many reasons to abort such as not feeling ready to face that responsibilitybecause they are considered too young to be mothers, fear to the situation, or the excuse that the baby would interfere in any way in their career or job, also because they feel they cannot keep the baby orthey have family problems, and the worst excuse they do not want others to realize they were pregnant. But whatever the situation, there is never an acceptable reason to get an abortion. Some of theimportant reasons why women should not abort have to do with human values, physical consequences, and psychological consequences.
The first reason why women should not have an abortion is relatedto basic human values. Women have to think about the value as women and as mothers, the first right as human beings, without which you cannot enjoy the other rights, is the right to life. It isimportant that women take into consideration this new life, their unborn babies who are not the responsible of this new situation. These unborn babies have the right to live and grow into a normal people,and they as women have to appreciate that just as their mothers gave them the right to be born, they also should respect that right with their future children. It is not necessary to kill a life; thereare many other solutions to resolve this problem of abortion.
The second reason why women should not abort has to do with physical consequences. In most cases of abortion, the woman never knowsthe risks involved in this situation. Many times, abortion is described as a clinically safe surgical procedure. But the aspects of procedure known as "insurance" can leave permanent physicalimpairment. Some of the physical complications of abortion on women are infection, bleeding, complications due to anesthesia, pulmonary embolism, perforations, lacerations or tears of the uterus. And some of...