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 (INTRODUCTION:)  which could be the start of one of the greatest cultures of the world? Any legend, any Myth or something true?

II Thesis: Nobody really knows the true of how all the Inca Empirestarted, but we have listened many stories, myths or fables about it.
III Preview: Well, I'm Mauricio Velasquez, who has Peruvian blood all over his body, and I am going to talk about legends ofthe early Inca Empire.
Considering that Manco Capac was the legendary founder of the Inca Dynasty in Peru. The legends and history surrounding this mythical figure are much jumbled,
speciallythose concerning his rule at Cuzco and his birth.
 ( BODY : ) 
Body Point #1:
    Here we go; Manco Capac was the son of Inca Viracocha, the Inca of a little town today known as Pacaritambo,    which is in the south of Cuzco. He and his brothers (Ayar Auca, Ayar Cachi, and Ayar Uchu);
    and sisters (Mama Ocllo, Mama Huaco, Mama Raua, and Mama Cura), joined  with them to the people theyencountered
    in their travels, and so began to conquer all the tribes of the Cuzco Valley.
    This legend incorporates a golden staff, which is thought that had been given to Manco Capac by his father    symbolizing power over others. Well , but the enigma of this story is that if They all arrived to the Valley ,
    why nobody knows where Manco Capac's brother stay? or what did they do then?         
        TRANSITION: This is the real story, Now , let me talk about the second one, that is a legend, which is not more credible,
    but is the better known.
Body Point #2:
    Itsays that one day Sun God saw the sad state of men on earth, all was terrible, without someone who can teach them
    how to live, how to expand theirselves, rules, etc. And created a couple : MancoCapac -who was
    brought up from the depths of Lake Titicaca-, and Mama Ocllo - his sister and wife- , Sun God ,like in the first story,
    gave him a golden staff called "tapac-yauri" ;...
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