Absolute monarchy

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Absolute Monarchs in Europe, 1500-1800
Timeline created by nicolej15
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| Event Date: | Event Title: | Event Description: |
| 05/13/1546 | Ivan Seized Power | Many boyars fought to control Ivan when he was young. When he turned 16 he took control and had himself crowned czar. He was the first Russian to use it officially. |
| 05/13/1560 | Ivan's "Bad Period" | Ivan'swife Anastasia died. He began turning against his nobles and accusing them of poisoning her. He sent his own police force to kill people Ivan considered as traitors. Thousands died. |
| 05/12/1566 | Protestants Rebel | After Philip raised taxes in the Netherlands and took action to try to crush Protestantism, the Protestants grew angry. They formed mobs and destroyed religious paintings andstatues in Catholic churches. |
| 05/12/1571 | Philip the Crusader | Philip believed it was his duty to defend Catholicism against the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire and the Protestants of England. When called upon by the pope to fight the Ottoman Empire he sent 250 ships to defeat an Ottoman fleet. |
| 05/12/1572 | St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre | This happened during the marriage of Catherine'sdaughter to a Huguenot prince, Henry of Navarre. Many Huguenot nobles attended, and most of them died. The massacre sparked a six-week nationwide slaughter of Huguenots. |
| 05/12/1579 | United Provinces of the Netherlands | The seven northern provinces of the Netherlands united and declared their independence from Spain since they were mainly Protestant. |
| 05/12/1580 | Portuguese King |The Portugal king died without an heir. Philip was the king's nephew so he seized the Portuguese kingdom. |
| 05/13/1581 | Family Tragedy | Ivan was involved in a violent quarrel with his oldest son and heir. He ended up killing him, and left his weak son to take the throne when he died three years later. |
| 05/12/1588 | Spanish Armada | Philip also launched an attack on Protestant England.He sent a huge fleet of ships to try to punish them, but Spain was defeated. |
| 05/12/1589 | King Henry IV | Catherine de Medicis died along with her last son. Prince Henry assumed the throne since he married her daughter. |
| 05/12/1598 | Edict of Nantes | King Henry tried to heal France's wounds from the the religion wars. He declared that the Huguenots could live in peace in France andset up their own houses of worship in some cities. |
| 05/14/1603 | James I Inherits England Throne | James I was already the King of Scotland. His cousin was Queen Elizabeth I of England. When she died, she left no heir to the throne. James I was her nearest relative and became the king of both England and Scotland. |
| 05/12/1610 | King Henry's Death | Some of the French people welcomed thepeace that Henry brought, but others hated his religious compromises. Henry was stabbed to death in is royal carriage by a fanatic. |
| 05/13/1613 | Michael Romanov | Michael came to power after the son of Ivan the Terrible died without an heir. He was the grandnephew of Anastasia. This began the Romanov dynasty. |
| 05/13/1624 | Appointment of Cardinal Richelieu | Louis XIII appointed aminister who made up for his weaknesses. Cardinal Richelieu became essentially the ruler of France. |
| 05/14/1628 | Petition of Rights | Parliament made Charles I sign this document before they would give him more money. It said he could not imprison subjects without due cause, levy taxes without Parliament consent, house soldiers in private homes, or impose martial law in peacetime. Charles Isigned it but ignored it. |
| 05/14/1629 | No More Parliament | Charles I dissolved Parliamentand refused to call it back into session. He used fees and fines against the English people to get the money he needed. |
| 05/14/1637 | Scots vs. Charles I | Charles I tried to make both England and Scotland to follow one religion. He tried to force the Scots to accept a version of the Anglica...
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