Acantelys project

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Topic: Telecommunications and Education

“Real work situation and the Designing of virtual Labs and Simulations: The Acantelys Model for to build an Effective Industry / Education Partnerships.”
Juan José Martinez Castillo
Doctoral researcher, department of management sciences Yacambu University, Venezuela
Abstract: Real work situations; troubleshooting andlaboratory practices will be designed In accordance with

the recommendations of the manufacturers of the technologies studied, as well as real situations at work. This means that students will face "real problems" of partner companies, but in private laboratories (physical and virtual) of the institution, under the same stress and difficulty that students would find within these companies. This willvalidate these practices as real experience (especially if the student has no previous work experience), would allow students to use their theoretical knowledge in professional situations of daily life, giving a great pedagogical support for final approval of the international certification of the student, and Facilitate rapid job placement in those companies where the students realize "virtualpractices". If our students are seeking employment in other companies, our candidate may submit your resume in all the experience "real" obtained through practice in real situations of "x" companies. These companies, which form an alliance with the school, "validate" and recognize that experience. A perfect job references for our students. This short paper describes the minimum objectives and themanagement model should meet Institutions may be established for this purpose, outlines the methodological structure and educational tools currently used by Acantelys cooperative association, in Venezuela and Latin America.

A View of the Acantelys project:
The lack of purchasing power can not be a constraint to education and professional development of any person that not only stops theindividual dreams and aspirations, but involves a loss of working capacity for the economy of any country, is forced to take to find skilled labour across borders, with the consequent loss of work involved (Del Brutto López, 2000). Countries from Latin America, the vast majority are dependent on technological developments from developed countries, forcing spending have a permanent training of technicalpersonnel who can implement this technology at the local level. The state, as well as major private companies can pay the costs of training their own professional force, even with the best international standards, but the reality is that only a small group of people can access this type of program, what involves a professional disadvantage that directly impacts the quality of work and careeropportunities of the individual to have the opportunity, would show his true potential, it is precisely this group of people, which is directed to such an initiative presented today (Brunner, 2008). International standards of accreditation and certification of expertise, usually involve high costs in most cases, should be borne by the individual. Important technology companies (Microsoft, Cisco, 3com,Alcatel, etc.) Have developed their own standards of training and certification of work force able to deploy, and support their products, because these companies dominate the market technological development is virtually an unwritten rule in the labour market: technical, professional or analyst is no longer taken into account by the titles of university education but mainly by their management(accreditation) and experience in a specific product the company to which you are applying, are using. The discussion about the difference between those in the academic careers, and what is actually required by the job market today is beyond the scope of this presentation, however, this educational phenomenon is very frequent in Latin America; this situation is not only the individual must bear the...
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