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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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Why is important speak English in my career?

In my engineering is very important speak English, because is ENGINEERING IN DEVELOP TO INNOVATION BUSINESS.
Each of the areas has your importance,which immediately goes to mention.
These are the most outstanding.
The purchasing function, covering all the tasks required to procure materials, supplies and services for the organization,developed in conjunction with the efforts of the "function" of production to manufacture or process the product, the "office" sales distributed, and all the other "features" to implement its part ofthe global effort-organized.

For these reasons it is important to speak English, because we can play in foreign suppliers with whom we must interact on products.
The relationship betweenpurchases and sales may be close and vital.
The sales function is to sell the end product of the efforts of the organization and the success of this effort depends on sales, depending on product,price, quantity, and reliability of delivery, for which sales depend on the efficiency buying your department among others.

Most companies hire people who are fluent in the English because many selland export their products to other countries and the agent always speaks in English and we have show people that we are prepared with excellent English.


The process of planning,implementation and conceptualization of price, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and terms to create exchanges that satisfy individual-and-organizational-objectives.

Is a critical, role becausethrough it met some of the institutional purposes of the company. Its purpose is to gather facts and factors influencing the market, to create what the consumer wants, desires and needs, delivering itin such a way that is available at the right time, in the right place and price more appropriate.
The marketing is global and should learn relations the English in the life continue of just as...
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