Acs 600

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ACS 600
This manual includes: • Start-Up Data • Software Description • Signals • Parameters • Overview of the CDP312 Control Panel • Fault Tracing • Terms

Firmware Manual

System Application Program 6.x
for ACS 600 Frequency Converters

System Application Program 6.x
for ACS 600 Frequency Converters

Firmware Manual

ACS 600 Code: 3BFE 63700177 R0425 EFFECTIVE: 02.05.2001SUPERSEDES: 20.06.2000 FIDRI\EIF

 2001 ABB Industry Oy. All rights reserved.

General Safety Instructions
Note: Complete safety instructions can be found in the Safety and Product Information Manual (ACS 600 MultiDrive), or in the Hardware Manual (ACS/ACC 607). These safety instructions are intended for all work on the ACS 600 MultiDrive and the ACS/ACC 607 (630 to 3000 kW) units.Neglecting these instructions can cause physical injury and death. WARNING! All electrical installation and maintenance work on the ACx 600 should be carried out by qualified electricians. Any installation and maintenance work must be done with the power off and power is not to be reconnected until the installation work is complete. Dangerous residual voltages remain in capacitors when thedisconnecting device is opened. Wait 5 minutes after switching off the supply before starting work. Always ensure that the measured voltage between terminals UDC+ and UDC- and frame is close to 0 V and that the supply has been switched off before performing any work on the equipment or making main circuit connections. If the main circuit of the inverter unit is live, the motor terminals are also liveeven if the motor is not running! Open the fuse switches of all parallel connected inverters before installation or maintenance work in any of them. Check the cable connections at the shipping split joints before switching on the supply voltage. If the auxiliary voltage circuit of the ACS 600 is powered from an external power supply, opening the disconnecting device does not remove all voltages.Control voltages of 115/230 VAC may be present on the digital inputs or outputs even though the inverter unit is not powered. Before starting work, check which circuits remain live after opening of the disconnecting device by referring to the circuit diagrams for you particular delivery. Ensure by measuring that the part of the cabinet you are working on is not live.

ACS 600 Firmware Manual,System Application Program 6.x



In ACx 600 frequency converters, control boards of the converterunit may be at the main circuit potential. Dangerous voltages may bepresent between the control cards and the frame of the converterunit, when the main circuit voltage is on. It is critical that the use of measuring instruments, such as an oscilloscope, are used with caution andsafety and always a priority. The fault tracing instructionsgive a special mention of cases in which measurements may be performed on the control boards, also indicating the measuring method to be used. Live parts on the inside of doors are protected against direct contact. Special attention shall be paid to safety when handling shrouds made of sheet metal. Do not make any voltage withstand tests onany part of the unit while the unit is connected. Disconnect the motor cables before making any measurements on the motors or motor cables.

WARNING! Close fuse switches of all parallel connected inverters before starting the frequency converter. Do not open the drive section switch fuses when the inverter is running. Do not use Prevention of Unexpected Start for stopping the drive when theinverter is running. Give a Stop command instead.

CAUTION! Fans may continue to rotate for a while after the disconnection of the electrical supply. CAUTION! Some parts, like heatsinks of power semiconductors inside of cabinet remain hot for a while after the disconnection of the electrical supply.


ACS 600 Firmware Manual, System Application Program 6.x

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