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Activity Pai
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Instituto Cervantes “apostolica”

How canlanguage B reflect culture and environment?

How can i improve me life with the second language?

If I learn language B , in the future I will make a great difference, maybe not for the world,but for myself. I can have a better job, I can journey for all the world, I can be social with

people for another countries. I can do a lot of things and if we are talking about the present

I canhave a better grates, I can have more friends.. etc. Learning language B you can help

yourself and have a better future than a person who's not know to talk english.

I can improve my languagein my life is meeting people from other countries can

comuncarte with your cousins if you have friends or with your cousins or when you go

traveling and you can communicate tabi can serve dependson what work you work but

most work needs a second language to communicate with tourists going.

I can reflected the culture in a secon language that globalization takes place in the world aswe know it today, since most are cultures that influence the ads, market, economy, trade,

etc. .. so that more and more what is globalization hits hard in the range of what are the

cultureswith a second language.

Good learning English can help me especially in my school and universities I have English

classes and levels depends on how much English they know and oviamente I want to bein

the highest level of English, and apart from the work in many work and asked to know

English or if I want to go to work in the U.S. or whenever you travel not force I have to

know thelanguage you are visiting because in many countries to buy things at the places or

leaving tourism and most know English because it is the global language or when I will

exchange or if I want to...
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