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* We have started unit 5 of pupils book, we finished page 38 so before starting with page 39 give them activity number one.* For activity #1 explain them the instructions and tell them that they cannot check their notebooks, I think they will forget when to use the possessive adjectives so make a brief explanation, tryto make the entire group to advance equal.
* Try to make all the group start and end at the same time. For each exercise ask how many of them have finished and wait until the majority has done totell them to continue with the next exercise. Walk all around the classroom to check that the ones that finish quickly are not doing more exercises.
* When they have finished, tell them to giveyou their activities.
* By the time they have finished the first activity you can do page 39 of the pupil’s book .The activity 4 of this page is a listening before listening the tape tell them totake out their colours ; the cd you will need is “class CD 2” and the tack is 3. Repeat the listening 3 times because they have to color.
* You can finish that page; on top of the page there arepictures with their names below , tell them their meanings and check that they are writing them on their books.
* All the activities before will take them all the first hour, if they finishbefore the break and you have time give them the activity # 2 and ask them to do it following the same instructions of activity #1 . Tell them not to see their pupil’s books. (while they are doing thisactivity play a song you choose form the cd of “40 children´s favourites”, they know that if the song stops they must have finished the activity)
* Coming back from the break ,start module 5B “comeout” listen the conversation on track 4 and 5 of cd 2; after that choose some students to read the same conversation taking roles.
* Then do activity # 2 in the same page and elicit them to...
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