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Read Chapter 1, then answer these questions.

1. When did Carol live when she was younger? She lived in Hong Kong
2. Who was her favourite singer? Her favourite singer was Jake Russo’s.
3. What happened to him?
4. How did Carol’s father die? In a plane accident.
5. How did Carol feel after her father’s death? She felt depressed.
6. Why did Carol have toleave the college? Because the police told her to do it.
7. What was Carol going to do in the autumn? Go to a college.
8. Why did Carol and her mother look in the newspapers? Because her mother need a job.

Read Chapter 2 and complete these sentences about the people who live on the island.

1. Tony Duncan is the boatman.
2. Mrs Duncan is the house wife.
3. Mr Duncan is the gardener.
4.Mr Ross is a businessman.
5. Greta Ross is his wife.
6. Mr Ross’s secretary is in hospital.
7. Dan and Stella park work on the farm.
8. Carol is going to work on the farm too.

Read Chapter 3. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? Change the false sentences into true ones.

1. Carol’s mother worked very hard. T
2. Mr Ross owns the island. F
3. The island had a lot of visitors. F
4.Mr Ross took a photograph of Carol. F
5. Carol didn’t open the locked door. F

Read Chapter 4, then answer these questions.

1. … was hot and couldn’t sleep? Carol.
2. … was in the locked room? Mr Ross.
3. … hid the key in plant pot? Mr Ross.
4. … was working at her desk? Carol’s mother.
5. … went out in the boat? Mr Ross, Tony Duncan.

Before you read Chapter 5, can you guesswhat is in the locked room? Choose Y (Yes) or N (No) each time.

1. A dead man. YES
2. A lot of money. NO
3. Clothes. YES
4. An animal. NO
5. Guitars. YES
6. A piano. YES
7. Computers. NO
8. Photographs. YES
9. Drugs. NO

After reading

1. Match these halves of sentences to make a summary of Jake Russo’s story in Chapter 5.

When Jake Rosso was driving his car one night,he had an accident. He hit a young girl and she died. He didn’t tell the police about the accident because he was afraid. So he put a guitar and some clothes in his car and then he pushed the car over a cliff and burned it. When the police found the burned car, they thought Jake Rosso was dead. After some months, Greta changed her name to Ross and bought the island with Jake Rosso´s money. Now MrRoss lives very quietly but he can never forget the young girl who died.

2. Put these words into two lists under the headings. Then tick the job that you prefer.

FARMER: Garden, sheep, cows, chickens, vegetables, fruit.
BUSINESSMAN/ WOMAN: Telephone, secretary, computer, desk, office, letters.

3. Match the people with the sentences. Then use the sentences to write a short description ofeach person. Use pronouns (he, she) and linking words(and, but, so) where possible.

1. Carol is eighteen
2. Greta Ross has very long dark hair.
3. Mrs Sanders is Carol’s mother.
4. Mr Ross was a famous pop star called Jake Rosso.
5. Caret is very beautiful.
6. Mr Ross was married to a businessman.
7. Mrs Ross likes swimming and painting.
8. Mr Ross real name isJames Duncan.
9. Greta Ross is Tony Duncan’s brother
10. Mr Ross isn’t lonely o the island.
11. Mrs Sanders works as a secretary.
12. Carol likes riding and gardening.
13. Mr Ross has a moustache, short dark hair and glasses.
14. Mr Ross owns the island, house and farm.
15. Mr Ross never leaves the island.
16. Mr Sanders works very hard.
17. Carol wants to be afarmer.

Carol is eighteen. She likes riding and gardening, and she
Greta Ross has very long dark hair and she is Tony Duncan’s brother.
Mrs Sanders is Carol’s mother and she works as a secretary.
Mr Ross was a famous pop star called Jake Rosso and he’s real name is James Duncan.

4. Jake, Greta and Carol could choose to do different things in this story. Here are some of the things they...
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