Acxiom marketing information

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Acxiom Marketing Information
1. Summarize the technology that Acxiom uses to run its business. What are the goals of the business?
The technology that the company used is agood CRM; they try to know everything about client’s needs. They separated the customers and the business by sector that is why its database is extremely wide. They used this database since 1969 inorder to obtained good benefits in the manner of storing, retrieving, and distributing reliable information at the right time. The goal of Acxiom is to have an excellent relationship with its clients, sothey could have a good perspective of them.
2. Describe how Acxiom's 360° view of consumers helps its users.
Acxiom used this kind of view in order to know everything about the customers, and also,to provide to the customers the complete information, so both could be completely informed. It is a global view, and without it, the company, or any company could be operating in the dark in order toits customers. They used this, in order to avoid an inappropriate marketing, because if companies do not know its customers, they can market them in an appropriate way.
3. What benefits does thetechnology bring?
This technology helps the company to obtain better profits, and also, have a correct managed of all the businesses that the company has. Furthermore, if the company is well informed,so do the customers, so it is an appropriate win-win relationship.
4. Explain the relationship between information and decision-making.
The more information you have, the better decisions you canmake as far as making the right decisions. Acxiom has an excellent platform of information, so they can make better decisions in an appropriate time. This is used in order to take the correct decisions,because in business, there is very little margin for error.
5. To what organizational principles does Acxiom subscribe?
There is such a sense of urgency in the business world, so Acxiom try to do...
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