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Against overwhelming odds, he achieved his dream of the quality of all South Africans. Nelson Mandela was born on july 18, 1918 in a small south African village. His father a tribal chief gave hisson the name Rolihlahla. At the age of 7, he began his british education and his teacher gave him the name Nelson. When his father died, Nelson was sent to live with the leader of the Thembu people. Hegrew Nelson for leadership letting him sit on council meetings sending him to the finest schools. During a break from college, Nelson ran away to Johannesburg in order to avoid a prearranged marriage.It was 1941 and for the first time Nelson came face to face with the brutal reality about racially divided South Africa.

By entering the city as a kind of anonymous black person he gets the firsthand experience of what black life is like for urban black South Africans at that time and he gets the kindof immediate confrontation with the white apartheid racist state.
I think that he had two languages; he had a deep historical language from his ownlearning, his own training, within his own tribal background; but I also think that he had a language of the law, he had a completely contemporary language and he brought those two together in thelanguage of human rights.

He began attending meetings at the African National Congress, an organization that aimed to establish a democratic government. During this time, he married his first wifeEvelyn.
1) The apartheid regime really begins to be kind of -it builds up after 1948 when the National party comes into power and they were the party of apartheid.
A year later, the ANC adoptednon-violent civil disobedience as official policy. In 1952 they launched the campaign for the defiance of unjust laws and Nelson travelled South Africa in support of that effort. The National Party...
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