Adam osborne

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Adam Osborne Biography
Adam Osborne was born in Thailand March 6, 1939(during the 20th century) to British parents. But he did not spend his childhood in Britain or Thailand; instead hischildhood took place in India. He attended and graduated from the University of Birmingham in England and received his PHD from the University of Delaware. For part of his adulthood he worked as achemical engineer with Shell Oil Company. But because of his interest in technical writing he quit and started a company that wrote technical books about computing. He sold the company in 1979 and in 1980started another company to build computers, Osborne Computer Corporation. After a horrible experience he became a software publisher. He later retired and went back to India. He died on March 18,2003 at the age of 64 in India.

The Osborne 1
The Osborne 1 was known to be the first working portable computer. TheOsborne 1 was an idea from Adam Osborne to produce a computer with user software already installed. It could close up (for protection) and can be carried by its handle. This portable computer was thesize of carry-on luggage and would fit under any passenger seat of any airline. But, the Osborne 1 did have its flaws. For example… the screen was only 5’’ (diagonally) in size. Also, it could onlyshow a maximum of 52 characters per line.

Interesting Facts
He did not really invent anything in a different category, but his innovativeidea to design a portable computer started a new direction for technology. In two years, the company was selling 10,000 computers per month. Then one day, at a computer fair, Adam told everyone thatthere would be a better more advanced computer coming out soon. This promise caused everyone to stop buying Osborne 1 computers. Not because they were bad, but because they were waiting for the new...
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