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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2011
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Capital Punishment

Our country is full of injustice, everyday we walk between rapists, kidnappers, murderers, narcotrafficants, etc., whose crimes haven´t been paid. And they keep commiting thesame crimes over and over again because they never get a real punishment, maybe they go to jail but they get out of it some years later or they go out on bail, so if we don´t want to live in a betterplace, we just let them make their things but really? Do we want to live between them?, i dont think so, besides what kind of people we are if we let our country be full of this mentals who obviouslyhave no feelings for their equals, they think they own all of us because we are afraid of them, with their guns and their influences.

The capital punishment, is the one escape that we mexicanpeople have, to make our country a nicer place, because even when the criminals, in some way, help in the economy they harm it, because all the news that people hear from Mexico are about criminals, andthen they don´t want to come to the country anymore and it makes the touristic industry go down and for some states un our country tourism is the principal source of Money. I think that criminalsshould pay with punishments that hurt as much as it hurted the people they damaged, It´s not fair that they are out there making a disaster, and we don´t do anything to change it. It`s true that everyhuman deserves to live and that no one have the Rights to take away some one else`s life and it makes us as bad as they are but they should´ve thought in their actions, capital punishment is the only waywe can make people think about their actions before they commit such crimes.
In conlusion, I`m sure that out there we will always have criminals who aren’t paying their crimes, but there is a waywe can at least reduce that number of criminals, and with this we can avoid future crimes, because if there is one thing that everybody in this World is afraid of is the dead and we can use that in...
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