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I Index I Information & Booking I The Plot L Ideas L The Earth L Opportunities L Work for Me A My Favourite Scene A Vocabulary A The Characters A The Story A Missing Words A Millie’s Letter A Einstein’s Speech











The taskshave been set for three different levels of difficulty based on the English Speaking Union’s Nine-Level Scale, and are related to the Trinity College London and University of Cambridge examinations in the following way: Hours of Instruction
150* 300* 600*
* approximate

Level 1 2 3

Trinity College London
Initial and Elementary Stage Intermediate Stage Advanced Stage

Starter andMovers Level Flyers and KET Level PET, FCE and CAE Level


Information & Booking

What level is the play for? The play can be seen by students of all ages and levels that have had a minimum of approximately 150 hours of English instruction. The workbook has activities to work in class with different aspects of the English language. The play presents various elements that make it enjoyableto all students, regardless of the age group. We suggest listening to the songs in class and working with the plot before seeing the play (especially with young children).

What are the advantages of this type of activity when learning a language? -It increases the student’s interest in learning the language and he or she discovers that English is also useful outside the classroom. -Itchallenges the student to understand English spoken by someone other than his or her teacher, thus improving the student’s listening comprehension. -In the days prior to and following the event the students are highly motivated due to the expectation of watching the play. Teachers can use the written and audio resources provided to take advantage of this motivation. -Working with songs from the play is anexcellent opportunity to learn new vocabulary while having fun.

Can the play be presented at my school? Yes, the play can be shown at your school if it has adequate space and a minimum number of students attending. Artspot carries its own set and professional technical systems. Contact our Teachers’ Help Desk for more information.


The stage area must comply with the following spacerequirements:

Minimum Width Depth Height
(A) (B) (C) (D)

Optimum 10m 6m 3.5m 2m

6m 4m 2.5m --


Dark stage area: this production has special lighting. To achieve maximum effect a dark playing area is recommended.

Teachers’ Help Desk:
Argentina Tel./Fax: 011 - 4733 - 0616 Toll Free: 0800 - 222 - 8660 Chile
Toll Free: 800 - 530 - 033 Toll Free: 01 - 800 - 123 - 4840Costa Rica Toll Free: 0800 - 054 - 2017
Toll Free: 01-800 - 700 - 1489



Uruguay Toll Free: 000 - 405 - 4230


The Plot
At the beginning of the 20th century there lived a young man named Albert Einstein. He was a humanitarian with peace-based ideals and devoted to science. Albert has been working hard to developnuclear fusion, attempting to create a new type of fuel which won´t pollute the environment. But this major breakthrough also represents a terrible threat to the planet if its power falls into the wrong hands. During a national science conference, Professor Marich, Albert’s former teacher, proudly announces Einstein’s project to the public and his peers. There Albert meets Professor Marich’s niece,Millie, a fellow scientist who is inspired by Einstein’s work. Disguised as a reporter, an evil woman named Agatha is at the conference searching for new inventions that she can turn into destructive weapons. In the final stage of his investigation, Albert needs two scientists to help him in the lab. Millie signs on for the task and Agatha disguises her assistant, Vladimir, as a scientist and...
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