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Version 0.1 June 2009

Driver Upgrade Instructions
Table of Content

Installing updated drivers in Microsoft Windows ______________________________________________ 2 Uninstall Procedure ____________________________________________________________

_________ 2 Install Procedure ____________________________________________________________

___________ 3 Installing updated drivers inMacintosh ______________________________________________________ 4 Uninstall Procedure ____________________________________________________________

_________ 4 Install Procedure ____________________________________________________________

___________ 4 Installing updated drivers in Linux_______________________________________________________

___ 6 Uninstall Procedure____________________________________________________________

_________ 6 Install Procedure ____________________________________________________________

___________ 6

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Version 0.1 June 2009

Installing updated drivers in Microsoft Windows
The new printer drivers and utilities are designed to work with the latest firmware release identified on the product Drivers and Downloads page on Theprinter should be upgraded to the latest firmware before installing the new printer drivers and utilities. If older versions of the drivers and/or utilities are installed on your Windows client they will need to be uninstalled before the new versions are installed. To use the following procedures, make sure you have administrative rights to the system.

Uninstall Procedure
Xerox printer wizarduninstall procedure: 1. [Select Start, All Programs, Xerox {Printer Model}, Maintenance]. Note: If the Maintenance option is not available the printer drivers will need to be manually uninstalled in the Windows Printers folder. See Windows driver uninstall steps below. 2. Select Remove and click [Next]. 3. Check all components in the Select Components window and click [Next]. 4. Confirm that youwant to remove the selected programs by clicking [Yes] on the pop-up window. 5. Click [Finish] once the uninstall procedure is complete.

Microsoft Windows printer driver uninstall procedure: Note: If the Xerox Printer Wizard Procedure (above) was not available or did not complete successfully the following steps must be followed for the printer drivers to be uninstalled successfully: 1. Browseto the Windows Printers folder in Control Panel and delete all the printer objects associated with the printer driver you want to uninstall. 2. In the printers folder select [File, Server Properties]. 3. Select the [Drivers] tab to display all the drivers currently installed on the system. 4. Highlight the driver you would like to uninstall and click [Remove] to uninstall the driver files and anyrelated registry entries. Note: If the driver is not present then it has already be uninstalled from Windows. 5. Confirm that you want to remove the selected programs by clicking [Yes] on the pop-up window.

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Version 0.1 June 2009

Install Procedure
1. Download the latest drivers and utilities from 2. The downloaded file is in the .zip format andwill need to be extracted to a folder on the client. 3. Once the .zip file has been extracted, browse to the folder and double-click on Setup.exe to launch the Install Wizard. 4. Click [Install Software]. 5. Choose the appropriate installation type and click [Next]. If you are installing a local printer simply following the instructions in the Wizard to complete the installation. If you areinstalling a network printer continue to step 6. 6. If the SNMP Get Community on the device has been changed from the default (Public) click on [Advanced], enter the correct Community Name, and click [OK]. Next, simply follow the instructions in the Wizard to complete the installation.

You have now completed all steps in performing a Windows Driver upgrade.

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Version 0.1 June 2009...
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