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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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Sustainable IT Tips to Save Energy & Reduce Costs
In December 2010, the Global Green Initiative implemented a sustainable IT survey to understand the current practices at member firmsaround the world. The results highlighted the variability in policy that has been implemented, and demonstrated a need for further communication about what’s being done outside of the individualmember firm.
This guide identifies six leading practices in Sustainable IT that can be implemented at low or no cost, but may result in significant cost and energy savings to the member firm. We encourageall member firms to carefully consider each of these opportunities for Sustainable IT development. However, beyond basic implementation, it is also important to monitor and manage these policies toensure compliance over time.
Power Management Strategy:
Reduce energy consumption through implementation of minimum standard power management settings to turn off the display after 15 minutes and putthe computer to sleep after 1 hour.
Potential Savings:
Approximately USD$25 per PC annually, or globally $3,500,000.1
KPMG in Singapore has the most aggressive power management settingsof the member firms surveyed. Their policy is to turn off the display after 5 minutes and put the computer to sleep after 15 minutes. This may not be feasible for all member firms; however itdemonstrates the possibilities for the range of settings.
$0 cost implementation could be achieved by resetting power management when computers are fixed, updated, or distributed, as part ofthe normal course of business. For example, KPMG in the US implemented new power management settings on all computers during the course of the deployment of Windows Vista. All computers were requiredto be upgraded, therefore all computers received the new settings. We recommend notifying employees of the change in advance, to ensure that they are engaged on the environmental benefits and...
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