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The aristocrat Pericles became a real democracy in Athens between 462 and 460 BC It was not the first time in history that there was government involvement, but Athens became powerful at that time and remains the original democracy that has had more influence on later. The founding fathers of America were modeled on the Athenian democracy.The popular assemblyin Athens main legislative body, was open to any citizen of men (or women or slaves had access to citizenship). In addition to this meeting there was a senate, composed of citizens over 30 years, which operated as an executive committee to carry forward the government agenda and manage the application of the law. These two governing bodies of citizens established the precedent of the twolegislative chambers in democracies later. Think of the House of Commons and the House of Lords in England, or the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.Although Athenian democracy was ruled by citizens, society clung to certain aspects of the previous oligarchy (or the government of a few), and the aristocrats retained privileges stemming from the cradle or connections. The obvious example is Pericleshimself, aristocrat and democrat, who was almost a
king without a crown.Not all historians consider responsible Pendes turn to democracy. Pericles was based on the reforms introduced by Ephialtes, his predecessor, who overthrew an aristocratic council in 462 BC Ephialtes is likely to have been killed by this, so it took courage from Pericles to take up the cause. Even before Ephialtes, thestatesman Callisthenes further reforms that aimed to democracy in the fifth century BC, after the government of dictator Pisistratus. Some argue that Callisthenes was the founder of Athenian democracy.

323 a. C - Death of Alexander the Great
Born in 356 BC, Alexander the Great did in 336 BC his father on the throne of Macedonia, northern Greece region. These are important dates, likethe years of his victories, as he did in 334 BC against the Persian king Darlo 111. But the early years of the death of the conqueror - 334 BC - It is the most memorable.If Alexander had not died, would have continued their conquests. It was too ambitious to stop. A malignant fever, probably malaria, ended its momentum warrior.
His death also gave way to a remarkable season in which hisgenerals became kings and established dynasties in places such as Macedonia, Persia and Egypt. In this country, Ptolemy, a general of Alexander, founded a dynasty that remained until the Roman Augustus defeated Queen Cleopatra in 30 BC
D. 476 C - the Roman Empire Falls
Rome was not built in a day or was destroyed in a day either. Civil wars between political and military leaders competing forpower disturbed the harmony of the Roman Republic between 88 and 28 BC and brought to the republican form of government and the beginning of the domination of a powerful emperor.
However, the imperial authority was also weakened over time, so much so that in the third century AD attacks on many fronts in the remote frontiers of the Roman Empire, combined with internal strife, forced the EmperorDiocletian to take an extreme measure: to divide the empire. Diocletian retained for itself the East - Asia and Egypt - and his colleague Maximian appointed emperor of the West (Europe and northwest Africa). Although Diocletian retained authority over the two halves, the system led to the formation of a separate Eastern Empire, the Byzantine Empire, while the Western Empire entered a longdecline.Huns, Vandals, Visigoths and Ostrogoths, all enemies of the Romans, impetuous massively crossed the Rhine during the fifth century, weakening the ability of Roma to defend their territory.
By 476 AD, the empire had little authority in Europe, so that removal of the young emperor Romulus Augustus (also called Augustulus, ie "little Augustus") by the barbarians, which occurred in that year was not...
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