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* Mitosis
Interphase: 1 nucleus, 1 cell, 1 cell membrane
Prophase: The chromosomes begin to divide, but still they are the same number of nuclei, cells and membranes
Metaphase: thespindle fiber appears but they are the same number of nuclei, cells and membranes and they line up in the equator
Anaphase: the spindle fiber pull the chromosomes to the poles, now there is the doubleof chromosomes.
Telophase: A new cell membrane, now they are 2 cell membranes, 1 cell, the spindle fiber disappear and there is the same number of chromosomes in each cell membrane with the sameinformation
Interphase: like the beginning only that now there are 2 cell with the same information
When/where does it occur?
It occurs in cell reproduction and it is in all eukaryotic body cellsexcept for reproductive cells.
Be able to recognize and use vocabulary
spindle fibers:
* Meiosis
Interphase: Prophase: Metaphase: Anaphase:Telophase: Metaphase 2:Anaphase 2:Telophase: Interphase:
When and where does it occur?
In Women when they are born, and in men after poverty. It occurs in the Sex organs: Women: Ovaries and MenTesticles
Crossing over: The exchange of genetic material between homologous chromosomes that occurs during meiosis and contributes to genetic variability.
* Haploid vs Diploid
Haploid is Nand Diploid is 2N= N+N
Haploid could be Sperm or Egg Cell
Diploid could be anything after zygote. Eyes cell, hair cell etc..
The difference is that haploid is ONE SET and Diploid is TWO SETS* Human Reproduction
♂ vs ♀ system
* ♂ | * ♀ |
* | * |
* | * |
* | * |
* | * |
* | * |
prod production ofgametes: In men they are produced in the Testicles after poverty, in women egg cell is produced in the ovaries

hormone cycles:
* In men it low until poverty where it goes up and until death...
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