Alice on the outside

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Book Report
“Alice on the outside”

Her dad
Justin Collier
Miss Summers


Alice is growing up, and she discovers that when you grow up everything around yougets complicated.

She lives with her father and her brother Lester, her mom died a long time ago. They are very nice with her, they have an excellent relationship, and they always talk about their problems. Her father always tell her that it’s okay not being like everyone else, that she don’t have to let anyone tell her what to wear or what to say. That magazine’s articles about fashion and allthat stuff are for people without personalities.

Alice have two best friends (Elizabeth and Pamela), she think that they are changing because she get bored very easy when they are talking about all that stuff that is “in” like magazines, boys, clothes, make up, food and sometimes she feels excluded.

Patrick is her boyfriend and the relationship between them is getting complicated too. Becauseher friends make her think about their relationship, that she have been with him since sixth grade and that she’ll never know if she likes someone else more than Patrick if she don’t try. And that when you date a long long time a boy people assumes that you are having sex.

When she get home she saw his brother cooking dinner and then she saw his that with a blue t-shirt and she told him that itwas “out”, her father and brother sit in the dinner table and they star talking with her, she told them that she feels very different and that they friends were changing and she don’t know what to do to keep them the way they are because she don’t want them to go out with other girls and stop being friends.

Lester tell her that there are a lot of persons that she’ll know in all her life andthat she will have a lot of more friends.

When they finish dinner, the telephone rings and Alice attended. It was Aunt Sally that calls to tell them that she and Carol (her daughter) were going to pass five days with them because Carol was attending a convention.

Alice was very excited because she feels that her Aunt Sally was like her mom, and Aunt Sally always cooked Alice’s favorite’sdishes. Also she love having Carol around, because she was funny and sophisticated, and because she knows everything about life and she have too many questions and doesn’t know about someone else to talk about with and feel comfortable doing it. She have always wanted to ask Carol How does sex feels.

She wasn’t sure about how to ask her, even if she was her cousin and she have been married, shethink that she was going to feel a little rare. The only thing that she knows was that she was going to ask her before she leaves.

When Aunt Sally and Carol arrive everyone was very happy and they go to dinner.

Carol and Lester were very good friends and funny, they always makes jokes. So when they finish dinner they make Aunt Sally believe that they were in love and that they found a statewere they can marry even if they were cousins. They joke about that a lot and Aunt Sally really believe them and they finish the joke to go sleeping.

The first night that Carol and Alice sleep together they talked about crazy things, about Lester’s jokes and when he stuck a vitamin pill up one nostril and couldn’t get it out.

Carol got up very early everyday so she can’t talk with her in themornings, so they can’t talk in the morning.

The second night they talked about vacations, Carol was a person that travel a lot and she talked about all the beautiful places in the world. Alice didn’t talk a lot because she knows only a few places.

The third night Alice wanted to talk about marriage, because she was going to be able to change the team to the honeymoon and then sex. But Carol...
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