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Amish People
Three hundred years ago a handful of devout German Swiss Protestants arrived here in North America; mainly in Indiana, Ohio, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to escape religiouspersecution and they had to farm the land and to live a simple life. The Amish people try to preserve the lifestyle and Christianity traditions; they keep themselves apart with a strict set of rules.They choose to live in rural areas, and keep themselves isolated from the ways of modern society found in the mainstream lifestyle. From the point of view of mainstream society, the mostimpressive aspect of Amish life is the way in which they appear to be stuck in a time-warp: They make an effort to live in the fashion of the 1600's of their forefathers.
They do not usually useautomobiles, nor do they use electricity or phones in their homes. Instead, they use horse-drawn buggies, mules or horses to pull farm equipment, oil lamps to light their homes, and so on. Amishclothing is also distinctive: Women wear dresses, usually of a single bold color, a white apron, and black bonnets.
I can see that education is of hinger importance to the Amish in preserving theircherished way of life. Education starts in the home as children learn the roles of men and women, respectively, from their parents and siblings. Parents as well as teachers teach obedience withconsistency and by example, they do not discipline heavily as they do not want children obeying because they are afraid. They are taught kindness, humility, and to treat others as they wish to betreated. Children are taught that good work is to help each other and to always work diligently to do better than before. Education does not usually extend beyond the eighth grade.
In conclution,they are good and friendly people, but their life style I do not like. In my opinion I cannot live like that for me is terrible have customs from many years ago. We have to respect them.
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