Amor o pasion romeo y julieta

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  • Publicado : 30 de abril de 2011
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Aydee Sharai Soto Gaytan

Literatura Inglesa

Maestro: Ruy Nieves

Love or Passion

“True, I talk of dreams which are the children of an idle brain, begot of nothing but vain fantasy.” (Mercutio Act I.4 96-98)

Shakespeare made of Romeo and Juliet a work of art; it doesn’t only talks about love he also mentions violence, beauty, hate, joy, misery, passion and death. Aswe can see this play is very complex and full of moral judgments. Romeo and Juliet is famous for being a “love story” but is it really true love? Or is passion what we find in the play? The answer that most people will have to this question is based mainly in traditional or popular information rather than from an accurate knowledge of the play.

Definitely the story of Romeo andJuliet is full of passion. Both of these youngsters didn’t know the real meaning of love, they were so emerged in their world of passion that they thought that was the real love. In the play we find a lot of arguments that highlights the passion we are talking about. First Romeo is a very passionate guy who is always falling in love with the pretty girl he sees in turn, very normal for a teenager.Second Juliet has never been in love or even been courted by a guy, making of Romeo her first love as soon as he likes her. Third the age of the both youngsters is ridiculous, at that age they aren’t thinking with their mind however, they think with their heart. And last but not least the whole story happens so fast that proves that is impossible to be true love.

However,passion is a very important part of love but not love complete. When you fall in love for the first time you heart is full of passion is the first time you get those sensations of feeling invincible, nothing else matters and you make your own little world where only the person you love fits in it. When your first deception arrives your concept of love changes and you may still feel passion but you don’tdo as much of crazy things because you already may know the consequences of your actions. Romeo and Juliet were at the point of their first love, they feel like they were meant to be for each other and they even committed suicide in order to be together.

In the beginning of the story we see how Romeo is very heart broken because he is in “love” with Rosaline and she doesn’tresponds to that love. “She’ll not be hit with Cupid’s arrow…” (Act I.1 208-209) Thankfully Shakespeare doesn’t introduces us to Rosaline in order to not get us involved with her emotions and we only know enough to make the dramatic contrast with Juliet. Romeo talks about Rosaline like if she was the love of her life and he couldn’t live without her. Romeo doesn’t even really knows her he just sawher, and how is it possible that as soon as he sees Juliet all the love for Rosaline disappears. In the first scene where Romeo appears with Benvolio, Romeo is telling him how he feels about this girl but Benvolio does not takes this love of his seriously perhaps because he knows how Romeo is and instead proposed him to look at other girls in order to compare her and that Romeo realizes that is nottrue love “Compare her face with some that I shall show, and I will make thee think thy swan a crow” (Act I.2 85-86) Romeo rejects the suggestion and even defends his love for Rosaline arguing that no other girl could match the beautifulness of her loved one. All this happens on Sunday morning after the party on Sunday night is when Romeo sees Juliet and he totally forgets about Rosaline. His lovefor Rosaline just disappears. It seems like he did found someone even prettier then Rosaline.

The Friar is a friend of Romeo and knew how he said to feel about Rosaline so he asks Romeo about her and Romeo responds: “With Rosaline, my ghostly father? No. I have forgot that name and that name´s woe.” (Act II.3 61-62) The Friar is amazed of how quickly he has forgotten Rosaline...
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