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First of all, water forms 65-70% of an adult body. This proportion may increase upto 85% in babies. When we investigate the water proportions within the structures of the organs which form the body, we see that 75% of brain, heart, kidney and muscles, 83% of blood, 86% of liver and lungs are made of water. All functions of human body can berealized by drinking sufficient amount of water. Water, along with making the organs function properly, also provides carriage of hormones, chemical substances and food elements between organs. Water, at the same time, helps the harmful wastes to be thrown out of our organism. It is possible to say Water is the Spring of Life if we consider that a great part of our body is formed of water and itsfunctions. When we study the functions and effects of water, much more astonishing results appear. These functions and effects can be summarized as follows;

1.Perspiration Everyday, part of the water that we drink is thrown out of our bodies by the mechanism of perspiration. The mechanism of perspiration holds our body at the same heat constantly and consequently, provides continuity oflife. Insufficient consumption of water everyday will naturally decrease perspiration and may cause the balance of our organism to be spoiled.

2. Lungs and Respiration Lungs use the oxygen in the air that we breathe and give out the carbon dioxide produced as a result of the metabolismic reactions in our body. For our respiration function to continue properly, the humidity level of our lungsshould always stay the same. It is proved by scientific studies that the human body loses about 1 liter of water by the way of lung respiration and this amount of water lost is compensated by the water drunk again. Again scientific studies show that asthma and allergic diseases and their effects decrease as the amount of water drunk is increased.

3.Kidneys Kidneys constantly filter the blood in thebody and collect the harmful wastes produced as a result of the chemical reactions which provide continuity of the vital activities of the organism and all completely soluble in water, like urea, uric acid and lactic acid and they send them to the Bladder. When there is no sufficient water, kidneys are forced to re-use the dirty water they have used before and work harder to get rid of the wastes.In this situation, people feel the need to urine at longer intervals and urining lasts longer. In case that the daily water need cannot be satisfied for a long time, kidneys may be damaged permanently.
Additionally, it has been determined that among the women who satisfy their daily need for water, the risk of infection of urethra has decreased to a great extent. Also, it has been determinedthat on people who satisfy their need for water fully, the formation of kidney stones has slowed down and decreased.

4. Liver The most important function of the liver in human body is to transform the stored fats into energy. When there is not sufficient intake of water, the metabolic wastes which should be thrown out of the body are not discharged by the kidneys and liver tries to do this job. Inthis case, liver is extraordinarily overloaded and storage of fat in the body increases. Especially, it is recommended for the people on diet to consume water more than normal. The basic reason for this is, during loss of weight, much more waste is produced in human body according to normal conditions. The removal of these wastes completely and continuity of proper functioning of the liver canonly be obtained by a great amount of water to be drunk. Additionally, a glass of water will appease the feeling of hunger and this way, liver will dissolve the fats stored in our body by directly transforming them into energy.

5.Brain 85% of brain tissues is water. When there is no sufficient intake of water to the body, the energy production level in the brain falls and as the result of this,...
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