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Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean Sea that has a population of 11.451.652 and almost of its population lives in poverty because of different factors but the most important is their political andeconomic system (socialism). Its actual president of Cuba is Raul Castro brother of Fidel Castro that had ruled during almost fifty years since 1959.Cuba has had different conflicts during its history because of the interventionism of other countries for be more specific United States and Russia but in the last year has been influenced by other countries like Iran, Venezuela and Siria.In theeconomic System Cuba have lot of problems because the major part of the economic sector is controlled by the government. Cuba’s GDP per capita is USD 9700 one of the lowest of the world.
Cuba is recognized as one of the most beautiful Island of the world, according to this, the most important income for this country is Tourism, they receive almost 2 million of tourists each year, their principalinteresting places are Varadero, La Habana and Queen’s Garden.
United States Of America is the Most powerful country in the whole world, its capital city is Washington DC, its type of government is federal presidential republic, where the President is Barack Obama and the vice-president is Joe Biden, they were chosen on 5th of November of 2008, Obama is the first Afro-American president in thewhole history of USA.
USA has a population of 306.050.595 people, it’s country recognized for being a nation of immigrants, where people make their dreams come true, according to its economic system that is Capitalism, where the private interests are the most important to develop High quality in its habitants.
USA is a great influencer thanks to a big series of Strategic agreements with almost thewhole World, its market is one of the most important because the power of purchase of its people is high, according to their GDP per capita of USD 46715.
Conflict Development
Cuba and United States had had good relations since United States helped Cuba in 1899 when Cuba was a colony of Spain then they started to have good economical relations and Cuba started to increase its economy. PrincipallyUSA had sugar and tobacco Companies in Cuba and their population started to increase and had high economic resources but in 1959 when Fidel Castro ascended to power of Cuba everything changed because he had different point of view of USA and had ideals of socialism. Fidel Castro began to create some kind of laws that affected the USA private companies because that laws let to the Cuba expropriatethose companies and investments of USA in its territory then USA had to change the economic benefits that gave to Cuba because USA had some preferences for Cuba’s exportations.
In 1962 Russia tried to build a military base with nuclear missile in Cuba, the OTAN gave an ultimatum of 48 hours to take them away, it would almost mean the beginning of a nuclear war, and obviously the implications inthe weak relationship between USA and Cuba were bigger, the embargo was intensified by United States and this caused many poverty in the Caribbean Country.
Implementing Socialism as political and economical system Cuba made new relations with socialists Nations as Russia, they gave to Cuba economic preferences and were the most important sugar’s buyer (sugar is the most important productproduced by Cuba, that’s the reason for Celia Cruz to sing Azucar!!!)
Venezuela supports Cuba with Oil and gasoline and both make part with other countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua of one organism of regional integration called the ALBA that in Spanish means “Alianza Bolivariana para los pueblos de Nuestra America” that certain is a huge confrontation to the ALCA and is founder USA.
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