Analisis poetico, y analisis de jane eyre y wide sargasso sea en ingles

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Metaphysical poetry: The work of poets, particularly those of the seventeenth century, that uses elaborate conceits, is highly intellectual, and expresses the complexities of love and life.
Romantic poetry: Romanticism largely began as a reaction against the prevailing Enlightenment ideals of the day. Inevitably, the characterization of a broad range.
Firts World War poetry: A War poet is apoet writing in time of and on the subject of war. The term, which is applied especially to those in military service during World War I
Protest poetry: Poetry that strives to undermine established values and ideals, particularly those associated with the government and other bodies of authority. Protest poetry often aims to shock readers into political action by discussing taboo subject matter,using unconventional and often profane language, criticizing popular beliefs, and shunning formal poetic conventions.
Beat poetry: May be confessional; often a "howl of protest" against conformity and conservatism of the 1950's.
Bush poetry: Bush poets were Australian poets who wrote about Australian rural life during colonial times and about the Australian bush.

Type of poetry

Performancepoetry: written to be performed to a listening audience, distinctive rythm and large range of topics.
Kinetic, shape or concrete poem: with a distinctive shape or patern which reflects the topic. This poems use words in more lively way.
Found poetry: poem uses only uses words found in an advert or newspaper....

Poetic forms

Haiku: japanese, 3 lined poem of 17 syllables, cpturing a moment intime.
Limerick: 5 lined poem which tells the story of a place and has a unique rythm and rhyme scheme.
Ballad: a poem that tells a story or describes a series of events.
Sonnet: 14 lined iambic pentametre* following shakespearean or petrarch form.
Ode: adresses an object, event or element of the landscape or a person.
Sestina: 39 lined poem with six stanzas.
Villanelle: 19 lined poem abarhyme. First stanza repeated at the end of the poem.
Ghazal: popular verse un Urdu, five couplets, the final couplet usually has a refernce to the poets name.
Elegy: short witty saying usually about an event or person.
Free Verse: poetry that follows no rules.
Blank verse: unrhymed poem in iambic pentametre, which mirors speech.
Narrative poem: written in quatrarians, tells a story.Epic:
Heroic Couplets:

Terms and definitions

Alliteration: repetition of hyphenated words.
Assonance: repetition of vowel sounds.
Diction: a synonym for the word "vocabulary"
Ellipsis: word missing but made reference to.
Irony: language that says one thing but means another.
Onomatopeia: words that replicate sounds.
Oxymoron: a contrasting word or pjrase that contains two elementswith opposite meanings.
Sibilance: repetition of "s" sounds.

Tone and mood

Tones: desperate, hopeful, casual, sarcastic, angry, sinister, uncertain, romantic, mysterious, resigned, bored, confident, puzzled, grieving, enigmatic...


Half rhymes: these occur where the constant sounds at the end of lines match, rather than the vowel sounds (flesh/flash, yours/years).
Sight Rhymes:these are half rhymes that look on the page like they should be a full rhyme, but the words actually sound different when spoken (now/know, plough/tough).
Internall rhymes: words that rhyme within a line or adjacent lines.

*Iambic Pentametre: most common form of meter in English. This is a pattern of one weak or lightly stressed syllable followed by one strongly stressed syllable. Each imab(pattern of soft hard) forms one foot. Imabic pentametre has five feet, which sets up the familiar pattern.

Essay on Jane Eyre

Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre was first published in England in October, 1847, and it made a huge splash among the Victorian reading public. The novel was subtitled, "An Autobiography," and readers through the years have been charmed by the strong voice of the...
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