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Andrea Alonso
Science Review

1. Scientific Inquiry
a) What is science? Science is the study of earth, life, and physical science.
b) Who is Marie Curie? Marie Curie was instrumentalin the physics of radioactivity.
c) What is the origin of the word science? The word is “Scientia”.
d) What are the main branches in science? The main branches of science are earth, life, andphysical science.
e) What is scientific inquiry or method? The scientific method is a process of steps to help solve a problem or a hypothesis.
f) What are the steps studied in class?
1.state a problem.
2. Make a hypothesis.
3. Test the hypothesis.
4. Collect data.
5. Analyze results.
6. Draw conclusions.
7. Communicate your results.
g) Must these steps befollowed in the same exact order every time?
No, it is not obligated to follow these steps in order all the time.
h) what is the difference between scientific law and scientific theory? Thedifference between them is that the theory explains when some things happen and the law is an assumed truth, which forms the basis of your theory.

2. International System of Units
a) what isthe international system of units? It’s a modern form of the metric system.
b) Why did scientist create this SI unit system? It is highly coherent. One can be derived easily from the other.
c)What is scientific notation? It’s a way of writing numbers that are too big or too small to be conveniently written in standard form.
d) Why is scientific notation a useful tool for scientist? Itsimportant because its easier to write large numbers or small numbers.

3. Controlled Experiments
a) What is a controlled experiment? It’s a scientific investigation that tests how one factorafter another.
b) Know what is a variable, independent variable, dependent variable, and constants.
Variable: is any factor that can have more than one value.
Independent variable: is the...
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