Anne frank

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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2011
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Anne Frank’s Diary
I decided to read Anne Frank’s Diary because i think this book teach us how was the life living on war times but in a different way, this book will let us see how different canthings go on when a whole country is full of racism and, over all, how there can be people who doesn’t lose hope even when things look so bad. Also, i wanted to read and write a report about this bookbecause i think it’s so interesting how can a teenager’s life and war mix and change everything, but make people so strong at the same time.
The diary starts with Anne living as a normal girl happyand without any thing to worry about; it was a gift for her birthday number thirteen. She didnt have any friends to tell what was happening with her every day, someway she felt alone so she decided tomake her diary a friend called “Kitty”.
She started writing everyday , and as all kids she had dreams, but she had one special dream, it wasn’t like everyone’s dreams, she wanted to become a writter.Many things started to happen, the Nazis were chasing Jews more and more and it wasn’t secure to live in Frankfurt anymore, so when things got harder her father decided it was convenient for thefamily to move to the “Secret Annex” in Amsterdam.
When they moved there her father invited the “van Pels” wich was another family fleeing from the Nazis.
The life at the “ Secret Annexe” wasn’t easy,Anne tells Kitty that her Jewish friends are being taken away by the dozens. They are loaded into cattle trucks and sent to concentration camps.
Then daddy gets sick, but they cannot call a doctor,since they are in hiding. It wasn’t so easy to sleep because of the air raids, and they were eating terribly-dry bread for breakfast, spinach and rotten potatoes for dinner. Anyways, Anne feelt luckythat they had food and shelter, that they were able to laugh at each other, and that they had books and a radio.
She still believed that people are really good at heart. She has a deeper, purer...
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