Anne frank

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¨The diary of a young girl¨ is a tragic story about a Jewish girl named Anne Frank she wrote a diary, about the situations that happened in her life and about the people that made part of her life.She born on 12 June 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany and died on 12 March 1945 in Bergen Belsen, Germany with just 15 years old, she was very young, she died in the concentration camps.

This book beginson Sunday 14 June of 1942, but she begins to write about the things that happened on Friday the day of her birthday, she receives the diary it was her favorite gift but the parents and friends give toshe another things like books, flowers. After five days she write that she feels a little bit strange writing a diary because it hasn’t not meaning and finality in her life, She said that she write adiary because she haven’t a real friend its like to be alone, she said: I can not express inside and I feel really abandoned maybe I don’t have no trust in others. She thinks that she can telleverything to the diary and named the diary Kitty, is the best friends that she still doesn’t have.

Then she tells the story of her family she has a sister named Margot is older than she. Because they areJews had to immigrate to Holland in 1933, the country where his father took over as Director Travis, S.A, because they are Jews they can not make a lot of stuff like be in a normal school, take abus, shop in all stores, make sports, go to the theater or the cinema, they can not do almost nothing it was very sad their life and unjust. Anne was a very good student she studies in the Montessorischool. She knows a guy named Harry she fall in love with he.

On Sunday 5 July the dad speak seriously wit Anne he told that for more than a year, we carry furniture, clothes and home furnishings ofother people do not want our goods into the hands of the Germans, let alone want to be us who fall into their clutches not wait to leave. We will not let us stop.

On Wednesday 8 July the family...
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