Anne frank

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The diary of a young girl

Patricia Garcia Oliver
1rt BTX. C

Saturday, 13 June 1942- Friday, 21 August 1942
1. Answers these questions:
a) Why did the frank family move to Germany to Holland? Anne Frank’s family needed to leave Germany because the Nazis were persecuting the Jews, that is, making their lives very difficult. And started the war.
b) When did things get worse forthem in Holland? Things got worse for the Anne Frank family in Holland, once the Nazis invaded Holland in May of 1940. Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed, life under German rule became intolerable for the Jewish people in Holland.
c) Why do they decided to hide in July 1942? Margot received a letter from the Nazi's asking for her. They had to reply otherwise the Nazis would comelooking for them and take them to the concentration camps and starve them. This is why they had to go and hide in the secret annex
d) Why their hiding place is called ‘the secret Annexe’? Because is hide.
e) How many people are in the secret annexe in July 1942? Eight people: Anne, Margot, Anne's parents, Mr. And Mrs. Van Daan and Peter.
2. What was life like for Jewish people inHolland after 1940? How would you feel if you had to live like that? What would you miss most?
* The Jewish people were happy life.
* I feel unhappy if I had to live like that.
* My family, boyfriend and my animals.
3. Look at the plan of the secret annexe on page 8. Imagine you had to live there with seven other people and never go out. What would be the main difficulties of livinglike this?
There are many rooms and many bathrooms and is very difficult living eight persons in this house.
Monday, 21 September 1942- Tuesday, 22 December 1942.
4. Who:
a) Is learning Dutch? Anne Frank.
b) Buys clothes for Anne and Margot?
c) Knocks on the boockcase door?
d) Drops beans down the stairs?
e) Write the rules for the secret Annexe?
f) Thinks Anne is toonoisy?
5. How would and adult’s be different from Anne’s? think of some examples of the things and adult would write about.
Wednesday, 13 January 1943- Monday evening, 8 November 1943.
6. Discuss these questions with another student.
a) Why do you think the Germans sent the sons of Christian families to Germany? Because as well make them work in the fields.
b) Why do you thinkthey didn’t want Dutch people listen to the radio? Because they knew what was happening in the war or are missing the point.
c) Why did bombs fall on Amsterdam? Do you think the Allies meant to bomb the city? Because it is starting the second world war. Yes I think.
d) What do you think was Anne’s escape bag? I was glad that Otto Frank decided to go into hiding, because I was extremelyconcerned about him and his family, seeing what was happening to the Jews in Amsterdam.
e) Why do you think Schiphol Airport was bombed? so that Jews cannot escape
f) Who was Mussolini? was an Italian politician who ruled his country as a dictator from 1922 to 1943. is responsible for two ideas that had a decisive influence on many twentieth-century political movements.
7. During thebombing, the people in the secret Annexe are very frightened. Where do people normally go when there is bombing? Why do you think it would be very frightened in the secret annexe?
Cambras in a below ground or in a place where they can hurt. because could find us at any time.
Sunday 2 January 1944- Tuesday, 14 march 1944.
8. With these, what meal would you cook for the people in the secretannexe?

9. What has happened to each of these people?

Saturday, 18 March 1944- Tuesday, 11 April 1944.
10. Answer the questions.
a) Why does Anne’s mother try stop her going the Peter’s room? Because Mr. Van Dann is jealous
b) On 29 March in 1944 Anne writes about life in the war. In your opinion, what are some of the worst things? In my opinion they listening the bombs and life...
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