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Book 12 lines 575-587 "Thou having learnt, thou hast attained the sum of widom; hope no higher, though all the stars thou knew'st by name, and all th enthereal powers, all secrets of the deep, allnature's works, or works of God in heav'n, air earth, or sea, and all the riches of this world enjoy'dst, and all the rule, on empire; only add deeds to thy knowledge answerable, add faith, add virtue,patience, temperance, add love, by name to come called charity, the soul of all the rest; then wilt thou not be loath to leave this paradise, but shalt possess a paradies within thee, happier far.John Milton
Milton's theology seems superb. He takes one of the most widely known, yet very indescript bible passage and expands it into sheer genious. In this portion of the text Milton is using acharacter named to talk with adam as they are about to leave the garden. The character is, in short, telling Adam that because they knew God in a personal way, they will never want to leave. They areat this point, being forced to leave the garden because they had broken Gods only rule he had for them. The character goes on to say that this "paradise" that they once knew in the garden can berevisited within themselves. As Christians we know that the character is speaking of the Holy Spirit who works within us. This is a big deal, God has just been rejected by his own creation and immediatelyafter offers them love through forgiveness. We cant fathom how vast our God's love is for us. But God knows all, He knows that because Adam and Eve chose to do things their own way, all of creationfor the rest of its days will suffer until the Lords return. --Milton not only understands poetry well, but he also understands God's unconditional love. During Miltons time most Christians were stuckin the old ways of worshipping God. Most priests would honor God in the sanctuary and follow the laws to the T, but would forget God in their hearts. They had a Pharisee type outlook on how church...
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