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Photon & High Frequency

User Manual

Positive and negative energy and skin care
Positive energy is the must bioelectricity, natural water, multi-amino acid, protein, microelement and etc, which are needed by skin cells.

Negative energy is the free gene, pigmentation, CO2, bad objects existed in air, food, cosmetic and etc.

When positive energy is over more thannegative one at cells and tissues, skins will be soft, tender. Contrarily, they will be aged, speckled, rough and etc.

So it is the shortcut and key to output negative energy and make up positive one.
Electron of the membrane of Cells
As scientific research, all the effective ingredient of skin care products can be finished by absorption by the membrane of cells. When the membrane is with goodventilation and Electron, the positive energy can enter cells to finish biology effects, whereas, the Electron will be blocked and the cells in the part will be not moved normally.

The Electron of the membrane of cells is produced by the difference between the inner and outer Electrons of cells. It is determined by the energy status that drives body movement. The electrical potential adopts nervesand vas as the conducts, form bioelectricity in body, which is the main positive energy. It promotes cells to keep normal metabolism and circulation, namely rejuvenated cells, to make cells activate movement.
Photon beauty machine with positive energy
Photon & high frequency is the latest high-precision beauty machine. It adopts the most advanced complex computer technique, output LED polarizelights when output the Electron to remove skin problems.

Photon & high frequency is researched by Sharp & Botanica Italy, high-tech photo-electricity machine. Guangzhou JIMY, based on it, adds additional function, which is high frequency therapy, it makes the machines with three functions, more special.

Photon & high frequency is composed by four individual photo-electricityprobes with big and small two each, the probe can out put seven color including red, yellow, blue, green, cyan, purple and white, except it, it also can output two kinds of electrical potential, like WAVE and SQVARE with 20-5000Hz, it can emit even and strong positive bioelectricity.

Theory of treatment on the membrane of cells: it uses pulse with low electric capacity to stimulate cells,adopts the similar electric field signals as the body, through it, it can enter into every layer of skins to run by cycle, to do the best adjustment and treatment aiming at Electron balance of different skin problems

Cumulating effect: It can make the course (10-12 treatments one course) effect more obviously through every treated cumulation.
Lag effect: It is not rebound. Onetreatment can be kept 3-5days. One course can be kept 5-6months.
Instant effect: Obvious at demo, one time can be effective, it is very good for comparing by different effects.
Penetration effect: Not only for cuticle, but also dermis and muscle can be penetrated, to help skin care products nutrition absorbed.

Skincare Theory of Polarized Light: It integrates optics, chromatics andhairdressing in one, mainly basis on the specialty that light wave can transport cells signals, uses different colored light taking different energy, pass new signals into body to impact cells movement, adjust hypophysis, hypothalamus and callus, directly impact secretion of gland in body.

Colored spectrums irradiate venation system inside, which can balance energy, improve health, release pent-upenergy to attain cleaning, restore and consolidate body energy.

Specialty of Polarized Light
|Color |Wavelength |Efficacy |Mentality |
|Red |605---700nm |To promote lymph drainage, soften fatness. |Open and lively |
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