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PRACTICE 1: Apple Essay

“I think we're having fun. I think our customers really like our products. And we're always trying to do better”, by Steve Jobs. Behind a successful brand we always find agreat leader. If we analyze in depth Apple, we’ll realize that the figure of the CEO has decisive influence on their success. It’s currently in the growth stage of their life cycle, which translatesinto more profits in a short term. Therefore, this means that Apple is built on a solid market positioning, as well as a clear and distinctive place in the target mind.Through innovation and commitment to a simple but functional design, Apple has set their brand positioning. The innovation is then, for the brand, the axis on which they deploy all of their products. Their performance areacomprehends from the computer science, up to the music. Apple improves their existing products and takes chances launching some new constantly. As a result, the brand has gained a strong competitive advantageas from the aforementioned values.

Any product created by Apple turns almost to the instant into referent for the other brands, their competitors. As an example we find the iPhonecase, which revolutionized the mobile phone market with their ‘touching technology’. Later on, other products as iPad were launched and the scheme was repeated: forthwith became the inspiration for their competitors ina short term. Apple is the only brand –at the moment– who knows how to design a new product with a simple and logical functionality that allows more possibilities to their consumers. Therefore, wecan consider their innovation as the center of their differentiation strategy.

The continuous investment in R & D, return back to Apple with a loyal consumer involved with their products. Moreover,it becomes prescriber that introduced the brand to a wider audience. This has led to consider Apple as trendier than before: the brand benefits don’t stop to growing and the new products run out...
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