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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2011
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The genus Latrodectus contains 31 recognized species of poisonous spiders, the most popular being the so-called American or Black WidowLatrodectus mactans.

The female is up to 35 mm with legs extended, coal is black and has a bright red spot in the form of an hourglass on the underside of theabdomen. The male measures 12 mm and weighs 30 times less. The legs are large and each joint is orange brown in the middle and black at the ends. On the sides ofthe abdomen for four pairs of red and white stripes. The combination of red and black colors was interpreted as a warning coloration.

Are called blackwidows, because they usually eat the male after mating, but sometimes the male manages to escape. Its habitat is terrestrial, usually live near the ground and in warmand dark spots. They are shy, sedentary, solitary, and nocturnal cannibals.
The only social life they show is to mate.The venom of the female of this spider paralyzes the central nervous system and causes severe muscle pain.
One of the side effects of the poison is theproduction of prolonged erections in male patients. The Biotechnology Institute of UNAM (Morelos) developed in 1998 and was released in late 2000, an antidote calledAracmyn that neutralizes the venom in 15 minutes.Escuchar
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