Arc welder cart

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  • Publicado : 30 de abril de 2011
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By Bruce Bauerlein

My arc welder is an engine powered unit that weighs about 180 pounds. I needed a way to move the unit around easily, and built this wheeled cart forit. I'm not going to list dimensions for this project, as the cart can be made to fit your needs.


The cart is made using the following materials:
• 1"x 1 "x 3/16" angle ironfor the frame and handle
• 1/2" black pipe for handle
• 4 - 2"x 2" x 1/4"x 2"L angle iron for axle supports
• 4 - 4.10\3.50 pneumatic tires with wheels and bearings
• 4 - 5/8" locknuts for axles
• 12 - 5/8" washers for axle spacers
• 2"x 3/16" mild steel for axle mounting (2 pieces required)
• 1"x 3/16" mild steel for cable hooks on handle (2 required)
• 1 -length of 5/8" threaded rod for axles


To make the base frame, cut the 1 x 1 x 3/16 angle to the desired lengths and weld at right angles to form a square frame. Make sure the anglesare all facing in to form a lip on the inside of the frame. On the bottom of the frame weld a piece of 2"x 3/16" steel across the frame at each end with the ends even with the outside of the frame onboth sides. Take the 4 - 2"x 2"x1/4" angles and drill a 5/8" hole in each for the threaded rod. Make sure the holes are drilled so they all line up as these will be the supports for the axle. If theholes aren't even, the axle will not be straight and even. Now take these pieces and weld one in each corner on the 2" piece making sure that the outside of the angle in even with the outside of theframe. Also make sure the holes in the angles are facing down with the frame in the in the upright position.
Cart Frame Detail View
To make the handle, take the 1"x 1" x 3/16" angle and cut twopieces to the lengths needed. Cut one end of the pieces on a 45 deg. Angle. On the other end, weld a piece of 1/2" black pipe about 10" long between the pieces to form a handle. Position the two angles...
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