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  • Publicado : 25 de enero de 2010
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Archery was first used for hunting and then it changed to a weapon of war. In the 14th century, archery practice was mandatory in England, which resulted inthe best bowman in Europe. A small group of archers created the “Ancient Scorton Arrow” contest in England in 1673. This is the oldest archery tournament in existence. King Charles II declaredarchery a sport in 1676.
Archery was first introduced as a sport in the U.S. in the 17th century. The first archery tournament was held in 1879 in Chicago and has been an annual event ever since.Archery became an Olympic event in 1972 at the Munich games, where tow Americans won the gold. The federation for International Target Archery is the organization responsible for rules, standards andmeets.
Target Archery involves hitting the target from certain distances. Field archery involves shooting from generally unknown distances and using instinctive methods of aiming, i.e. hunting.Shooting Commands

1. Stance
a. Feet shoulder width apart
b. Arm guard on bow arm
c. Shoulder pointing toward target
d. Bow between arm and side (left arm forright handed)
e. Hand situated at least ½ inch below arrow rest

2. Nock Arrows
a. Bow comes up parallel to floor
b. Arrow notches into sting with odd color featherpointing up

3. Draw
a. Pull sting back with two fingers
b. Pull and tilt bow at the same time

4. Aim
a. Aim tip of arrow on bulls eye (adjust each arrow)

5. Firea. Release string NOT arrow

6. After everyone has finished shoot, the final command is to retrieve arrows


Yellow (bulls eye) = 9 points
Red = 7
Blue = 5
Black = 3White = 1

• Arrow splits two colors take the highest score
• Arrow hits target and bounces back = 5 points

Safety Rules
• Listen and follow directions carefully
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