Argument essay free trade agreement colombia united states

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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2012
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Luisa Gil
A2- Writing
August 11th 2011
The free trade agreement (FTA) between Colombia and United States
In Colombia just 55 of 102 Senators and 85 of 164 House of Representatives voted pro Freetrade agreement between Colombia and United States. FTA is basically, a thorough agreement that will remove tariffs to trade goods and services between Colombia and United States. After 21 months, 15rounds and 100 meeting between the sides, on November 22th of 2006, the agreement was signed. On June 14th of 2007 the Colombian Congress approved it. The agreement is not approved by United StatesCongress yet, the decision was postponed. The agreement supposes have advantages for both sides, which is not totally true. The free trade agreement is not as good for Colombia as United States.American products are going to invade the Colombian market. United States has a lot of companies producing a lot of stuffs day by day. These businesses will take advantage of the agreement as much aspossible, bringing their products to Colombian market. The American goods will compete with much more advantage than the Colombian products due to no taxes, no tariffs and much more technology ofproduction. It will mean a preference for the imported products, which might be cheaper and higher quality.
Agricultural sector will be affected. Colombian economy is support by the first sector of theeconomy. This sector includes the production of basic food as rice, wheat, corn and sugar, and activities as poultry, beef cattle and pigs. Colombian countryside is not fully industrialized, nor haveproduction and quality standards enough as United States; which means this part will be injured due to they will have to work harder, compete and earn less. Besides, Colombian farmers don’t have enougheducational capacity to respond to the requirements that will come.
Some people think the FTA has more benefits to Colombia, or at least, the same advantages as Colombia as United States. They might...
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