Ari - qquepas

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Ari - qquepas (Let's Stay Here)
Before the appearance of the Inca Empire there were some nomad conglomerates that lived, in that today is the Arequipa City. They dedicated to activities such as thehunting, the fishing and the recollection of indigenous fruits of the zone. They also developed to domesticate some animals.
By the time, after of the migratory process, within of the region, formedthe first settlements, many of them with connexions to sea.
Chili River’s valley, where in its borders will sit the Arequipa City. It was furrowed for important canals or gutters that wereconstructing in the Pre Inca Age that permitted to plant the homespuns and the platforms that were in the sides of the river.
Many communities began to settle down in the actual settlemen of the Arequipa City,such as the Yarabas, primitive town that stayed in the “Traditional San Lázaro District”, other communities was the Chimbas, that stayed in the border of the river, which jointly with Collaguascommunities developed an agrarian economy in middle of the desert.
Around 1170, the fourth monarch of the Inca Empire, Manco Cápac, he with his army camped in a deserted valley, but very nice, he calledthis valley: “Ari – qquepas” (Let`s stay here). This Inca gave out lands between three thousand families; they established the towns or homesteads of Yanahuara, Caima, Tiabaya, Paucarpata, Socabaya,Characato, and Chiguata, between others.
In September on 1539, Pizarro told to Diaz Arias y Gómes de Leon the establishment of the villa that connected to the Cusco with the part nearest of thelittoral and to have a military and commercial strategically location. The place was the ancient settlement knew for the natives as Huacapuy, near of the Camaná valley.
But Pizarro received many letters ofthe neighbors that said him that the land was insalubrious and that the Indians escaped. For that reason they looked for other place, and that place was in the Chili Valley, in the actual Emblem...