Armas nucleares

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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2011
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Sergio Alzate #2 14-11-2011
Nuclear weapons have a short story, In 1938 Otto Hahn, Fritz Strassmann andLise Meitner, three German chemists in a lab at Berlin, were able to split a Uranium Atom, the energy created by this split or fission was able to power a bomb. Albert Einstein in 1939 discovered whatthe Germans had done and he immediately wrote a letter to President Franklyn Roosevelt telling him about what the Germans could have done with this discovery. The government didn’t payed much attentionto this for the first years, but in December 1941, President Roosevelt launched Project Manhattan which was the project to create the first nuclear bomb. Einstein, the creator of the formula E=mc2 aformula who tells that energy equals mass times speed of light squared, which described the energy released in the atomic bomb, was denied to work in this project. Nuclear Bomb works by splittingUranium or Plutonium atoms which create a high amount of energy that can power a bomb. Another well known bomb is the Thermonuclear Bomb or most known as the H-Bomb (Hydrogen Bomb), this bomb is thoughtto be the most powerful nuclear weapon in the history. Most of you will ask yourself what’s the difference between the H-Bomb and the Atomic Bomb? Atomic Bomb works by the splitting of atoms orfission, while the H-Bomb works by the fusion of hydrogen atoms at high pressures and heat, fusion creates higher energy do to the conditions were it occurs causing higher amount of energy released. NuclearWeapons have no advantages in any possible way, and they create collateral damage affecting generations that fallow whose parents have been exposed to high radiation levels, this people are exposed tomutations do to that radiation can affect your AND creating mutations in future generations. Harmed cells can be carried on your AND for lots of generations. Studies also mention that people who...
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