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  • Publicado : 24 de febrero de 2011
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Have you ever visited the north of Perú? I was brought up there, in a place called Trujillo, in my opinion is thebetter place because has entertainment, culture and history.

Trujillo is to 8 hours in car or bus to Lima of our coast or 2 hours in fly. Youcan find beautiful beaches, like Las Delicias. This beach is a little town outside to Trujillo in Moche, is very typical and funny, in Marchyou can celebrate for four days The Toro Macht remember a Spain customer. Other touristic beach is Huanchaco, you can try a delicious ceviche infront to the sea, buy souvenirs like a chakiras and silver jewelry or surf with Caballitos de Totora. You can find very nice restaurant andhotels near to the beach.

Trujillo is an important city in Perú, actually you can find mall, banks, restaurants like a Lima. In Trujillo downtownyou can try a delicious juice in San Agustin or try a traditional Chambi soup in El Rincón de Vallejo. Around you can visit different typicaland old houses. Nearly you can visit arqueological places like a Chan Chan is a sand city for Moche Culture before the Inca Culture.

I thinkTrujillo combine culture and modern, you can learn and funny. If you can go in February see a Marinera Fest, is an original and typical dancefrom Perú. I recommended to visit in Perú summer, you can book a ticket and travel for Lima because now Trujillo doesn´t have directly fly.