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What attitudes make a perfect guy?
Every girl dreams with the perfect guy since we were little. We always are looking for the guy who complements our life, that guy who is alwaysthere for us no matter what. But actually there is a perfect guy? A perfect guy is comprehensive, faithful, romantic, and good looking.
One example of an attitude in a perfect guyis being comprehensive; we need a guy who cares about us, someone who will listen. For example you are sick at home, so at least expect him to give you a call and ask you how youfeel or go to your home and be with you. That will show that you are important to him.
Another example of an attitude in a perfect guy is being faithful; we need a guy who respectsus, that guy that is mature enough to keep his emotions and promises. You do not want to be with someone that while is with you walking through the park holding hands, someone elseis calling him to confirm their next meeting or appointment.
Third example of an attitude in a perfect guy is being romantic; we like guys that are not afraid to say what theyfeel. That guy who takes the time to buy you a flower or even write you a letter. That guy that always remembers the important days. Because none of us will like to have a boyfriendthat does not remember even your birthday.
Fourth and final example in attitude in a perfect guy is being good looking; most of us want a hot guy, like Cristiano Ronaldo, prettyface, cute smile, gorgeous body and athletic. What else you can ask for? Because come on! Let´s be realistic no one will like to have a boyfriend that looks like a homeless guy.
TheTruth is there is not a perfect guy; your perfect guy is one who makes you happy. This guy cannot be perfect for the world, but is perfect in the eyes of your heart and soul.
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