Artistic inspiration

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  • Publicado : 19 de septiembre de 2010
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Source of artistic inspiration

There has always been a lot of controversy about the issue of what the main cause of artistic inspiration is. To such an extent does this issue arousecontradictory arguments, that even now a unique solution appears awkward. I will argue in favor of the interaction with others as the reason for artistic inspiration.
Fist of all, by interacting withpeople, an artist can learn new things continuously. Even though sometimes he himself doesn’t comprehend the information he receives, the influence of the people will appear in his art. In most of thebest artists’ works, we can find numerous events or phrases that come from the author’s life and the influence he has received from the ones around him. Let’s take the case of the renowned LatinAmerican writer Garcia Marquez. Famous for his originality, he doesn’t attribute his talent to his inner genius but rather to the environment in which he was raised up. When he was a child, he used tolisten to stories form his grandmother. Those weren’t simply ordinary stories, they we full of imagination. The author usually used these stories and the events that happened around him as sources tocreate an amazing work.
Secondly, many people believe that to create a great masterpiece, it is necessary to stay weeks after weeks in solitude. However, I believe there is no true originality. Aswe can see in the example above even one of the best writers in the world owes much to his grandmother. Most people think that the work they created is their own, that they relied solely onthemselves. But, unconsciously they have used ideas from others’ works. Let’s think, why do teachers say that the more books you read, the better you write? The answer is simple; it is because by reading andstudying more, you gained more knowledge and more ideas, thereby enabling you to create a great work easily. Furthermore, if one is in contact with other people, his work will surely improve by their...
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