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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2011
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Hi Gustavo how are you?
Im fine, what about you?
Im good too. Hey bro I hate the university….
Yes, I prefer de school, do you remember those times?
Yes, the school was easier but we aregrowing up and we have to move on.
You are right, but anyway, I remember a day in the school, it was just relaxing, waking up early at 6 am, going to take a bath, everything was so quiet.
That wasgreat, then just eat the breakfast put everything on and then, went out to the school. I remember all the guys sleeping in the bus on the way to the school. And the poor thing was the first hour of class,especially when we used to have math at that time.
I hate math, and I hate that teacher. Hahahaha, I remember that we all were expecting the break, and the break just went so fast and we didn’t takeadvantage of it.
Yeah, obviously we all were expecting to things, the breaks and the leaving time. And after that, walk directly to our houses. Thank god we were just 15 minutes far from our houses.School time was great, we arrived home at 3 pm, sleep for a little while, then study 2 hours and everything was done; and the rest of the day enjoying it doing everything we wanted to.
That’s why Ihate the university! We have to spent all day long at the university, studying, borrowing some books, making projects, everything its so complicated. The only good thing is that we don’t to wake upearly.
Heeey University it’s not that bad….
Yes it is! I hate the days that we have to wake up at 8 am,go to the university and go through all the classes all they long until 830 pm, I don’t evenhave time to lunch! In the second class of the day, we have to go out of the class even when it isn’t over, because we have no time to lunch, that’s not life. Then just wait all the classes passthrough and finally at 830 pm, the classes are over and the day is over dough, take the bus and arrive home at 10 pm.
But that’s just this semester, is not all this 5 years we have to spent here,...
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