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I am a hard working man, a member of the private enterprise involved in political issues against Chavez because the Venezuelans needed to live in a country where our human rights and democracy would be respected.

Since 2002, I formed part of the Venezuelan opposition, attending marches of April 2002 and those of Dec 2002. Signing against Chavez in 2003 during Firmazo and Reafirmazo,participating in the Recall Referendum of 2004 asking the population to vote against Chavez.

In 2006, I gave money for Manuel Rosales’s presidential campaigns to elect him as a president. I was active with the opposition as militant and collaborator of Primero Justicia. I supported Manuel Rosales, because I was aware that we were able to elect a new president who would give us theopportunity to have democracy and human rights back in Venezuela where we were living under a heavy pressure and persecution from Chavista groups who kept the opposition watched and persecuted .

In 2007 I attended marches in support of RCTV channel since I was on behalf of the free political expression of the Venezuelan people.

In 2007, I attended marches against the Voting process organizedby Chavez to amend our constitution to allow Chavez’s indefinite reelection.

In 2008, I supported Henrique Capriles Radonsky who was running for the governor of Miranda because under Diosdado Cabello government, we were living in fear as this individual was dangerous against the opposition.

Since 2006, I am receiving phone calls from the Chavistas who constantly told me that they werewatching all my actions and I would be punished for being a traitor and Chavista cars were following me. They hit my car on two occasions when I was leaving my office in July 2008, and November 2008 after the election of Henrique Capriles Radonsky who became our governor on Nov 23, 2008. Then they left yelling threats against me.

I formed part of the private enterprise and my politicalinterest was against a communist policy that was against the private property. Chavez was misleading the population because the communism did not give solution, but oppression, persecution and lost of human rights. The only ones who would receive benefits in a communist system are the communist president and the members of his government, but the rest of the population only is able to obey whattheir leaders command.

Because of my hard work and own efforts, we could organize two companies, comercializadora GS 423 CA and inversions genesis 4797 CA -

Since 2006 we have commercial relations with government institution serving as providers, in the Middle of 2009, we became providers of the National Electoral Council, CNE. After working with them without any problems, Mr.Edgar Navas, director of Bienes and Servicios of the CNE asked my collaboration with PSUV by giving him bills with high prices of the merchandise that I was selling to them; they asked me 90 % of these bills and 10% would be shared with him. I told them, “no”. He told me I do not want to think that you are against the process of the commander Hugo Chavez Frias as I had received previousinformation about your political activities against a government that is buying your merchandise and if you did not cooperate with this government you would receive a punishment; we have received information that you gave monetary contribution for the opposition candidates, that you gave money for Manuel Rosales’s presidential campaign and Henrique Capriles Radonsky’s governor’s Campaign. But nowyou would have to give your cooperation to Chavez’s government otherwise you would be marked as a traitor and spy of the opposition and we would send you to jail for supporting the enemies of this government.

At this time he told me, you have to remember that you have pending bills with us, and to collect these would be difficult if you do not sign on behalf of the PSUV. He ended the...
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