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Dental cement

The dental cement corresponds to a particular bone, without irrigation and innervation. Comprises 55% calcium hydroxyapatite and 45% water. Is restricted to the tooth root and at its apical region presents cementocytes, which are produced and in lagoons, similar to bone osteocytes. This region is known as cellular concrete cement. The coronal region lacks cementocytes cement andis called acellular cementum. Both cements present cementoblasts.

The periodontal ligament collagen fibers (Sharpey fibers) are embedded in concrete and attached to the socket, setting the tooth to the socket. The cement can be reabsorbed by cells of the osteoclast type, known as odontoclasts. This process is observed in the exfoliation (decidual tooth decay).

Pulp chamber

Pulp chamber islocated in the center of the crown, it is always single, accompanies the external shape of the crown, is generally bulky and houses the coronal pulp. Comprises:

1. Wall occlusal, incisal or ceiling: it presents a concave shape with the concavity toward the occlusal or incisal edge and prominences directed towards the tips of the cusps, which houses the pulp horns.

2. Cervical wall or floor,is the opposite side to the roof and more or less parallel to the occlusal wall. In the cross section of the tooth, dental neck height, shows that the floor of the chamber is often in the middle a convex surface having smooth and polished at its corners, conical recesses corresponding to the holes input to root canals. According to Pagano, the convex area of the floor of the pulp chamber in whichthe boundary lines begin to intertwine the inlet of the root canal, is called "Canalium Rostrum." Easily identified in the teeth trirradiculares birradiculares or does not exist in the single-rooted, where there is continuity between the chamber and root canal.

3. Side walls surrounding mesial, distal, buccal and lingual or palatal, name corresponding to the faces of the teeth to where theyare targeted. To follow the external shape of the tooth, often have the ram, elbow or cervical zoclo forms a step in the deepest region of the sidewall.

Root canal tooth

The root canals are tiny passageways that branch off below the top of the tooth, coursing their way vertically downward until they reach the tip of the root. All teeth have between one and four root canals.


The Periodontal Ligament, also called periodontal membrane, is formed by a thin layer of fibrous connective tissue, which binds to the tooth with the alveolar bone. It is located between the roots of the teeth by connecting them to the alveolar bone.


• Development and maintenance of the periodontium. Repair of periodontal lesions.

• It is the mainstay of thetooth in the tooth socket.

• Allows withstand masticatory forces.

• It influences the movements of the tooth.


I. forming:

* Fibroblasts:

a. features:

• Spindle cells with cytoplasmic extensions.

• Large elliptical nucleus.

• They are of 2 to 4 nucleoli.

b. function:

• Conduct Synthesis and Degradation of Collagen Fibers.

*Osteoblasts: They have normal tissue for absorption processes and apposition.

a. function:

• They allow functional movement positions.


* Cementoblasts: Pathologic Processes appear or pathophysiological Rizoclasia temporary teeth.

III. - Defensive:

* Macrophages:

• Presenting cells: microvilli and lysosomes.

a. Function:

•Detoxify and defend the host.

• Digest, destroys microorganisms and foreign substances.

IV. - Cells or epithelial rests of Malassez: Remains are disorganized Epithelial Sheath of Hertwig. morphology:

a. Form of:

• Thrust on Longitudinal cords.

• Red or mesh tangential Court.

b. They can be: squamous or cylindrical.

c. Nucleus with dense chromatin.

d. Have:...
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