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Business: An organization which trade or sells any kind of things.
Globalization: When the world is connected and the people share ideas, products, etc.
Agreement: When 2 people worktogether to make a company grows.
Trade: to exchange one product with another.
Wealth: when you have many resources that you can use to grow.
Investment: when you use your money to buy somethingthat later you can gain the double.
Tariff: it can be define like the price of something.
Rate: An extra pay when you buy something.
Average: In business you can use it to take the middle value of adata.
Share: Percentage of a market.
Trust: it’s a contract that some people give values, money, etc to another person.
Job: Is where people can work and gain money.
Income: Is the money you earnor gain by working or selling something.
Wage: the payment of an employee by the boss.
Policy: Is a commitment that you have to make with the company.
Sovereignty: Is when you have authority in aplace or territory, nobody gives you orders.
Per capita: it means per person.
Economy: it consists in the resources, the goods, trade, etc of a country.
System: components that form a whole.Market: enterprises create, deliver, etc things that have value to customers.
Law: system of rules which you have to follow.
Contract: an agreement that make some people in order to set something.Rights: freedom for the people.
Ranking: is like a classification.
Property: is something that is owned by a person.
Development: growing or expanding.
Liability: someone or something that isresponsible.
Asset: are economic resources.
Data: information given to something.
Media: is what you use to communicate with someone.
Spread: is a term that you can use to refer to the differencebetween a sell price and an asset.
Risk: to expose to an injury.
Values: monetary or material worth.
Norms: is like a model to follow.
Real estate: Property in land.
Bribery: when you accept a bribe....
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